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September 5, 2007
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HP: Hermione and Draco by bjorkubus HP: Hermione and Draco by bjorkubus
Art Trade with :iconvvvvvvv:

I'm sorry, Vivi, but I just couldn't draw these two as a couple >_>; So I hope just occupying the same picture will suffice.

Also I hear the Harry Potter shipping community is just as vicious as the Naruto and Avatar shipping communities... so I'll definitely be hiding in an underground bunker, now. kthnx.

lol @ Draco attempting the male model look.

Ha, look, I tried Kaori Yuki Hair and Eyes.

(c)J.K. Rowling

Edit: Oops. I misspelled my own last name. D: Fixed it.
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love it!!they look great!!!
They look like one of those siblings that barely say anything but can never leave each other. I LOVE that. Even if it's not a couple picture, I think THAT is enough. I love their calm faces. Good Job!
cghtre Feb 16, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey bjorkubus, this is a really amazing drawing. well made. :) good job. wow, this is cool. ^^' :D hehe, though, you really outdone yourself, bjorkubus.

This is a really terrific, cool, and amzazing drawing. how did you do it, if it is ok of me to ask you that? ^^' besides that, could I ask you a question, if it is alright with you. Would you like to be friends? Thanks.

ok, I have to go, sorry. I have work to do. ok, well, keep up the good work. :) Also..Happy [Late] Valentine's Day! :P :) Take care. Bye.
Very cool. I like your style.
vVvVvVv Sep 21, 2007
ACK! I love you so much!!! >w< I'm sorry I'm so late... >_> *dies* they both look so dramatic and beautiful... I seriously want to know how you shaded their sweaters... now I feel bad that I'm so late and only drew one character while you did TWO! D:< you're awesome to the max O.O

PS: LOVE Draco's model-attempt look XD
bjorkubus Sep 21, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The sweaters were shaded like everything else xDD I just added the ridges on the sleeves and trims while I was doing the lineart :B

I'm glad you like it!
Siriuslygrimm Sep 5, 2007   Traditional Artist
goodgirl badboy always works for me...
draco looks kewl
Great job! I don't support HermionexDraco, but I've been converted to RosexScorpius.
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